Spice Up Your Marriage With Phone Sex

Something that happens to couples that have been married for a long time is the stagnation that can occur in the bedroom. In the beginning, you simply canít keep your hands off of each other. Then, it kind of calms down to an exciting but comfortable sort of coupling. After several years, marital fun can reach the point of being forced a bit. Youíre just not always in the mood like you used to be. Thatís why many couples incorporate certain things into their marriage to spice things up a bit.

One of the most effective of these methods is phone sex. Thereís a reason that all of those phone sex operators make pretty good money. Itís the naughtiness and nastiness that phone sex can be made from. Also, itís easier to talk about certain things when youíre not face to face, so when these topics come up over the phone; it makes things even hotter because those subjects are taboo.

If youíve been thinking that phone sex is just for couples that have long distance relationships or are separated by job related trips, youíre completely wrong. Phone sex can take place right inside your very own home. All you need to do is have the use of two telephones and two different rooms in your home. One of you can set up in one room and the other one can get settled in another room.

This can be a lot of fun because of the stranger element intermingled with the familiarity that lets you be comfortable rather than shaking with nerves. At the same time, though, youíre playing different people. This is especially true when you set up a role playing aspect to the phone sex. You can simply follow each otherís lead and make things up as you go along.

Talk sexy, but not to the point where youíre going to get the giggles because that will ruin everything. It also helps to not have sex for a few days so that the interest will be at an all-time high. Then, move into your sexy conversation. Do everything you can to rev each other up and get things steamy. Describe in graphic detail what youíre doing to yourself and demand that your partner do the same for you. Talk about how it feels and what itís doing for you.

While phone sex is really effective, you can also add to the experience a bit more by using computers and webcams. This can really be hot because youíll get to watch each other while youíre talking dirty. It becomes a naughty version of Show and Tell if you happen to have some toys on hand to throw into the entertainment. You can also talk to each other through the mics on the computers so thereís still that element of talking and saying those things that you probably wouldnít say to each other if you were face to face.

Either way you do this, let yourself become free and uninhibited. It will open a very exciting door for you.

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